These two pear shape diamonds is called a pair of “Eternal Love”  because how two different colors make a magnificent pair of jewels together. In which one was named as

Apollo Blue – A Largest Internally Flawless  14.54 carats Fancy Vivid Blue diamond whereas another one was known as Artemis Pink – A 16ct Fancy Pink Diamond.

Both the diamonds is studded in 18kt white gold four prongs holding them as hanging which is attached to a D-E color VVS purity Pure white pear & round shaped diamonds.

This master & an astonishing piece of Jewel is what everybody dreams of in her life because it surely gonna add a lot more luxury & richness to your wardrobe but you have to super- duper rich to afford these two little stars.

Recently this pair got up for auction by Sotheby’s in Geneva, Switzerland & this exquisite jewel was hammered down for the US $ 51 Million approx. i.e INR 3,315,000,000 (Three Thirty-one crore & fifty lacs.) by an Asian buyer unnamed.
Now It came to our acknowledge through Sotheby ‘s sources that the buyer is changing its name of both the pieces & now it will be from “Apollo Blue” to “The Memory of Autumn Leaves” & “Artemis Pink” to “The Dream of Autumn Leaves”.

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